Site Furnishings

Primitive Ash/Trash
Sku:  f32-r2030
Finish:  Tiza

Primitive Trash Urn

For primitive, rustic, or tropical decor, these hotel trash receptacles add unique style to your space. Discreet and attractive, in four convenient sizes.Tearsheet
Manhattan Ash/Trash
Sku:   f16-r2030
Finish:  Chalk

Manhattan Fiberstone GFRC Trash Receptacle

Sleek modern GFRC trash containers add class to hospitality and commercial venues. Tapered ash/trash urn for indoor/outdoor use in entryways or courtyards.Tearsheet
Kensington Ash/Trash
Sku:  f23-sq2533
Finish:  Natural

Kensington Trash Urn

Concealed GFRC waste containers, ash cans, commercial site amenities, and commercial furniture. Shop luxury site furnishing manufacturers with custom capabilities.Tearsheet
James Ash/Trash
Sku:  f09-r2030
Finish:  Natural

James Trash Urn

Luxurious modern site furnishings call for the James trash receptacle. Elegant concrete ash urns for cigarette disposal at hotel and commercial properties.Tearsheet
Bisbee Ash/Trash
Sku:  f50-r1730
Finish:  Natural

Bisbee Trash Urn

With its slightly tapered cylindrical shape, narrow neck, and rounded top, the Bisbee trash and ash urn is elegant yet understated. It subtly fits into your contemporary or traditional decor, providing a tasteful spot for guests to dispose of their ashes...
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