Premium Materials Put the “Luxury” in Quiet Luxury

21 February, 2024

Premium Materials Put the “Luxury” in Quiet Luxury

Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner looking at what’s relevant in the design world, quiet luxury is a phrase you’ve likely been hearing a lot. This sort of “stealth wealth” design tenet banishes mass-produced furniture churned out to scratch the itch of passing trends without any staying power. In its stead, quiet luxury sets up camp for good with understated, sophisticated furnishings that makes cocooning in a space an elevated experience. Let’s explore the materials that make quiet luxury so alluring, and how to find quality furnishings that stand the test of time.

Why are Quality Materials Important?

Much like a handbag or pair of shoes, luxury in design isn’t announced by labels. It’s noticed in every detail of the design. A handcrafted silhouette, a hand-carved surface, and the dimensional interest that a hand-finished piece brings to interior design is not only seen, but felt, by those that inhabit the space.

Another “tell” that quality pieces have that fast furniture pieces don’t is their longevity. Go to a big box store, and you not only have to assemble that piece, but the act of simply moving it to another room—let alone another location— can cause irreparable damage. And in their everyday lives, these pieces are flimsy and unreliable at best. This is the exact opposite of the current demand of homeowners and commercial properties to have pieces that remain with them much longer. Heirloom pieces that are meant to be passed down the generations. However, this requires that the pieces are not only built to last, but made with an aesthetic that can be appreciated in any decade.

The Materials That Make Us

Since 1985, Stone Yard has made furnishings using premium materials meant to live in a space with longevity. Because we make statement furniture for both the home and commercial environment, each piece is handcrafted and hand finished to endure the rigors of extreme weather, heavy foot traffic, and other stressors—all with long-lasting beauty and durability.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or GFRC, is a composite mixture of materials that allows our pieces to look and feel like natural stone, yet maneuver much easier because of a lighter weight point. This material also makes it easy to add pieces with a stone aesthetic to places where weight is an issue, such as rooftops and balconies. Yet, though GFRC is 75% lighter than stone, cement, or concrete, it’s nonetheless known for its structural soundness, meaning it can remain outdoors even in freeze/thaw conditions without worry of damage.

We also use our proprietary fiberstone material, which is even lighter than GFRC, to create elegant, luxurious indoor and outdoor furnishings that maintain their understated luxury while being high-impact resistant and durable enough for hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces.

Neutral Colors Create a Tranquil Retreat

Along with heirloom-quality materials, quiet luxury in design also depends on a more neutral color palette. This balance of calming hues puts the “quiet” in luxury, since bold colors aren’t competing for attention, and the eyes can rest in a blank space. It’s all about creating a space where one can rest and rejuvenate, without overwhelming. Neutral tones to consider are cream, taupe, beige, olive green, brown, and even darker shades like navy and black.

All of Stone Yard’s hand-painted finishes are in the neutral color palette, making our pieces ideal for your next quiet luxury redesign. From the plaster-like shade of Chalk white to the more saturated inkiness of our Iron finish, you have a range of hues to choose from. Each finish is applied in delicate layers, adding even more dimensional interest to structural and textural pieces, for an interesting play of shadow and light on each surface. This painting process also makes each of our furniture pieces one of a kind.

Natural Textures Reminiscent of Nature

Though quiet luxury interiors rely on more muted aesthetics, they shouldn’t be cold or uninviting—in fact, quite the opposite. The goal of the design is to make it approachable, relaxed, ready to nestle into. Do it right, and you have a corner of the world you won’t want to leave. Do it wrong, and it will be giving more “museum” vibes—look but don’t touch, and definitely don’t get too comfortable. How do you ensure the right balance?

One way is by using as many natural—and nature-inspired—materials and textures as possible. Wood, marble, stone—and stone-like materials all usher in a sense of calm. And textures inspired by the patterns found in nature create the same soothing effect.

For example, our Coral Collection draws from the rugged texture of a natural coral reef. Our Roman Pond Collection reflects the rippled rock aesthetic found in natural landscapes, both modern and ancient. Our Turo Planters have a gourd-like shape and earth-inspired, striated texture. Our Boulder Fire Table looks as if it was hewn straight out of a real rock face. And our Arbo Side Table was carved as though a natural tree stump was transformed into a modern art piece. Any one of these investment furniture pieces would invoke the warmth and edited beauty of a quiet luxury space.

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