Tabletop Vessels

Luna Planter
Sku:  p85-oct227
Finish:  Chenza

Luna Tabletop Vessel

Made to Order 22" Octagonal x 7"H Available in 13 hand-applied finishes TearsheetAdditional Product Details
Dodeca Vessel
Sku:  p35tt
Finish:  Chenza

Dodeca Tabletop Vessel

Elevate your interior aesthetic with the Dodeca Tabletop Vessel—an exquisite fusion of contemporary design and timeless craftsmanship. Crafted in the modern dodecahedron form from GFRC or fiberstone, it exudes the allure of heavy stone...
Zaragoza Tabletop Vessel on white background

Zaragoza Tabletop Vessel

Elevate your space with the Zaragoza Tabletop Vessel – a harmonious fusion of horizontal and vertical etchings, offering both charm and visual intrigue. With 13 hand-applied finishes, this low-profile, modern planter is made to order, adding...
Primitive Tabletop Vessel on white background

Primitive Tabletop Vessel

Introducing the Primitive Tabletop Planter – a captivating blend of rustic charm and modern simplicity. Crafted to order, this planter exudes the allure of an excavated relic from a bygone era. Choose from 13 hand-applied finishes to personalize...
Turo Tabletop Vessel

Turo Tabletop Vessel

Discover the Turo Tabletop Vessel – a harmonious blend of elegance and craftsmanship. Boasting intriguing vertical etchings on a low bowl profile, it's available in GFRC or lightweight fiberstone, mimicking the allure of solid stone. With 13...
Roman Pond Tabletop Vessel on white background

Roman Pond Tabletop Vessel

Elevate your greenery with the Roman Pond Tabletop Vessel, meticulously crafted to order in GFRC or fiberstone. Its low, modern profile is complemented by 13 hand-applied finishes, creating a sophisticated, textured centerpiece for your space. Choose...
Molcajete Bowl
Sku:  p79-rec16126
Finish:  Natural

Molcajete Bowl

Inspired by traditional Mexican grinding stones called metates and molcajetes, the Molcajete Tabletop Bowl makes a statement on a dining table, bookshelf or kitchen island. Handcrated, this piece presents a wide bowl upon a beautifully curved footed base...
Rayos Bowl
Sku:  A74-R1804
Finish:  Terron

Rayos Tabletop Bowl

Crafted and finished by skilled artisans, this GFRC bowl adds earthy appeal to your tabletop. A simple texture etched into its low silhouette enlivens the organic vessel with rich pattern and contrast to it's smooth outer surface. Available in 13 finish...
Fossetta Table Top Planter
Sku:  p37-rec2096
Finish:  Chenza

Fossetta Table Top Planter, Rectangle

Embrace the beauty of natural stone with this meticulously crafted planter. Its color and texture resemble authentic stone, while the pattern of small round indentations adds a touch of simple elegance.TearsheetAdditional Product Details
Etruscan Bowl
Sku:  p40-r156
Finish:  Antigua

Etruscan Bowl

Our unique tribute to the ancient pottery of the same name, the Etruscan planter bowl embodies the true skill of ancient artisans, creating works of art that were both functional and visually appealing with their radial perfection and simple details...
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