How to Infuse Quiet Luxury into Your Design

12 January, 2024

How to Infuse Quiet Luxury into Your Design

Edited but curated. Elegant, but not self-conscious. Having a sense of history, but without the stuffiness. The quiet luxury movement of interior design is upon us, and clients are seeking spaces that reflect understated beauty and comfort, with a focus on pieces that are top-quality, yet unpresumptuous. Here’s how quiet luxury is making a loud impact in interior design:

Luxurious, But Not Conspicuous

Promoters of quiet luxury (and there are many) stress that you don’t have to choose between austere and gaudy in your interior design. There’s a cozy little corner nestled outside of the two, where you can enjoy the finer things in life—like quality craftsmanship and ornate details—with the design-equivalent of a whisper instead of a shout. Quiet luxury is like the difference between old money and the nouveau riche: a subtle appreciation for quality without any of the ostentatiousness.

So, how do you put quiet luxury into practice? Look for pieces that are timeless and versatile, high-quality furnishings that are more an investment than a fast-moving trend. This means focusing on pieces with unique craftsmanship and handmade detailing, for thoughtful additions to a space. Finding furnishings with interesting textures and bespoke elements is key—remember, you want pieces that tell a story, but not the same story as everyone else.

Personal, Not Pretentious

Quiet luxury also makes you answer the question: what is luxury to you, or to your client? Everyone is different, which is why this design concept is so interesting. Instead of designing for the outside world, quiet luxury focuses on the person or persons using the space. What gives them the feeling of luxury? What draws their eye? What makes them feel at home?

This curated, yet well-lived-in home evokes a picture of a place where you wouldn’t worry about rumpling the sheets—even though you know they’re 100% Egyptian cotton. It’s a space with effortless elegance, one that affects a sense of calm luxury without boasting about it. And one that lends itself to those personal details that make a space a home.

Bring personal details to your and your client’s home by finding, then elevating, that personal aesthetic. When it comes to Stone Yard pieces, all of our furnishings are made-to-order and completely customizable in size, design, material, and finish. We can also create custom one-off pieces based on your singular design dream.

Long-Lasting, Not Fast-Fading

The rise of “slow living” and the fall of “fast fashion” both affect the design world, where clients are ditching fast-furniture trends for pieces with longevity. On a macro level, the goal is to reduce waste and embrace furnishings with the timeless design and durability to become heirlooms. On a more personal level, however, clients want pieces that can beautify their homes without locking them into fast-moving trends.

What makes a piece of furniture beautiful in any setting or moment in time? Look for simple and/or classical designs that have withstood the test of time. For example, a European-styled piece like our Louis XVI Fluted Table Base, with its simple stonework and hand-carved detailing, bring the elegance of the ancient world to a modern space.

However, classical styles aren’t the only ones that can stay relevant in any design season. Simple, textural pieces like the Bolle Table Base and the Cozzo Planter are versatile designs that won’t go out of style.

When it comes to durability, Stone Yard furnishings are also top of the line. Crafted for long-term enjoyment, each piece is made from GFRC or fiberstone, both of which mimic the look and feel of natural stone, but at a much lighter weight. These premium materials are also outdoor-rated, meaning they don’t easily damage even in harsh-weather conditions. High-traffic areas, freezing temperatures—our pieces are built to withstand it all, and do it in style.

Mantels That Make a Quiet Statement

Our mantels, like all Stone Yard furniture, are handcrafted with intricate detail, so that each piece is one of a kind and made to last. The perfect statement piece that adds artful dimension, a mantel also adds warmth—both physical and figurative—to a space, making it a natural place to gather and get cozy. Here are some of our mantels that have quickly become fan favorites for designers and their clients:

Louis XIY Step-Arch Mantel

Expertly carved with classically embellished details, this mantel brings history into the modern world with subtle finesse.

Jaadar Mantel

Intricate lines in a stunning inlaid design makes this handcrafted mantel an eyecatcher in any room.

Orleans Mantel

A sleek silhouette offset with French architectural details makes the Orleans Mantel an ideal balance of Old World and new design sensibilities.

Rozzano Mantel

The Italian-inspired Rozzano Mantel has a significant presence that draws attention without overwhelming a design.

Make Your Design Dream a Reality

Do you have a design in mind, but don’t see it anywhere? Have you got your eye on a Stone Yard furnishing, but want to tweak it in size, style, or color? We pride ourselves on being the go-to for all design dreamers like yourself! We’d love to hear from you—contact us today, or request a quote for your custom piece or pieces.


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